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SideKYC: the new frontline of the digital investment

A data analytics dashboard that empowers different business functions with the use of data science and business intelligence.

SideKYC is a disruptive solution that uses data, machine learning and business intelligence techniques to drive the entire wealth management process. Today, learning from data is key to improve management decisions, company’s productivity and customer satisfaction. Therefore, SideKYC responds to some cross-functional business challenges such as lead generation, clients segmentation and regulatory requirements (Mifid II guidelines).

Technology and Machine Learning solve real business issues

Coping with regulation requirements in real time
Understanding client needs and life-goals
Improving user segmentation and offering personalized products and services
Building predictive models of clients behaviour
Supporting advisors with new services and tools
Running live simulations of market events, analyzing the impact on cost and revenues on the entire business

What is SideKYC


SideKYC is a cutting edge profiling tool based on Financial Data Science, that is machine learning, business intelligence, data analytics. SideKYC provides financial firms with an advanced data analytics dashboard empowering:

Marketing and communication
Advisory management
Advisory networks

Financial Fitness Tracker

FFT is a tool aimed to assess the adherence of an investment to the financial profile of a current (or prospective) client. It can be used to perform a portfolio check-up, to identify top investment opportunities given clients’ needs, to perform compliance controls. The FFT responds simultaneously to business, customer service, and compliance needs. Based on a mathematical mapping between products, customers, and rules, it is higly flexible and customizable.



GFT is a business change and technology consultancy firm trusted by the world’s leading financial services institutions. Provides soulutions to meet the demand of regulatory changes inline with the needs of the digital revolution.