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Strategic Advisory

Improve existing solutions and processes with a Fintech approach

Most of time financial companies have all the required skills and process to success in the digital market. They are not simply aware of.

Our “hands-on”, direct expertise in digital investment services and our knowledge of retail customers naturally put the VirtualB team in the position to be a credible advisor in helping our partners to cope with digitalization projects. Our hands-on approach, and a set of different skills, enables our team to work hand in hand with our partners drafting a comprehensive Gap Analysis, starting from the “as-is” situation, evaluating Compliance and Regulatory constraints, and mapping all the existing processes, to deliver the action plan needed to realize the “to-be” solution desired by our client.

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Pioneer Investment Management

Gap –analysis and strategic indications on Pioneer Pension fund to set-up a B2C platform for direct sale and digital reporting. Activity involves meeting all Pioneer contractors and designing the UX of the new website and helping Pioneer to select the IT provider for the solution.


Allianz Bank

Audit on the digital reporting and how technology can change the way financial reports are prepared and used.