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Financial Communication Marketing

Innovative tools and strategies for the new marketing paradigm: empower your customers

VirtualB is the owner of one of the most influential financial blog in Italy: AdviseOnly Blog. Today, it is a real demo for client.

Offering a good investing platform is not enough if the digital proposition is not supported by adequate communication and marketing. Traditional financial products were generally “sold” by financial institutions; in the digital era we are moving to investment solutions that need to be “bought” by empowered customers. Financial Institutions should move from “sell” to “educate” their clients through digital channels. The right contents engage clients in conversations, and are the basis for digital marketing campaigns. We help financial institutions to communicate with their clients in a modern and personalized fashion by providing contents, managing brand blogs, designing digital advertising campaigns and setting up a framework for marketing analytics and business intelligence based on Data Analytics and Data Science.


Our financial communication services

We created a smart customer journey based on data and concrete KPIs

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