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Engagement & Data analysis

The new frontline of the digital investment value chain is the combination between Data Analysis and smart engagement

Thanks to our experience in B2C market, we help financial corporation to deal with digital customer and extract value from data

Customer engagement is a key area of digital finance. Engagement is not a static concept, it is a dynamic process concerning the entire customer journey, from customers acquisition and marketing, to client retention and post-sale services. Engagement should be powered by an intelligent process of capturing, analyzing and extract value from data, in order to build a modern and personalized product offer. Smart digital reporting and post-sale services are a key part of customer engagement. VirtualB strong expertise in designing smart engagement tools for top tier financial institutions help your company in identifying, analyzing and deriving value from (Big) Data through Data Science tools.


Do you really know your customer(s)?

We created a smart customer journey based on data and concrete KPIs

Data collection from engagement tools Import internal data (Regulatory profiles, transactions, financial data)
Apply data analysis algorithms (profiling tools, supervised/unsupervised machine learning)
Get insights on goals and needs of clients
Transform insights in financial/insurance solutions
Transfer insights and products proposals to the sales network
Website/network sell the financial solutions to clients
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A data analytics dashboard that empowers business functions with the use of data science and business intelligence.
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