Portfolio Construction

We are investing since 2011
Our investment portfolios and risk-based models are based on a proprietary risk and asset allocation engine with a long and reliable track record. Thanks to our APIs platform fintech and financial institutions of any size and complexity can extend their product line quickly and securely.
portfolio constrction

AO portfolios

In 2011 AdviseOnly was the first European robo-advisory. Our investor solutions are followed by thousands of investors with more than 7 years of real fintech track record.
  • Goal investing
  • Megatrends
  • Event-driven
  • Tactic asset allocation

Risk based portfolios

Mananging risk is our bread and butter. With more than 20 years of risk management experience, our risk-based solutions are robust and consolidated. Our expertise and algorithms cover the most robust models:
  • Switching regime
  • Volatility targeting
  • Risk parity
  • Minimum volatility

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