SideKYC® is an advanced data analytics software that finds the Next Best Actions for sales department and for the company through customer profiling.
SideKYC® analyzes securely internal and external data of bank and insurance companies. It can profile customers, identify individual needs and map them with the best product.

It’s a useful tool that can help the relationship managers accurately into the sales process with next best actions and product recommendation for their customers.

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Anticipate customer needs in real-time based


Selling different products or services to clients with a tailor made offer

Wake up dormant customers

Up-selling dormant customers that can have a high potential

Problematic cases

Recognize and manage problematic cases (MIFID / IDD not compliant)


Customer investment check-up (engagement tool)

Content Management

Provide the right content at the right channel at the right time

Key Algorithms

  • Financial

    Collects key data to profile customers using the most useful principles of behavioral economics, cognitive sciences, a theory of sample surveys. It also dissects MIFID, IDD, ESG.

  • Future Potential Index®

    Segments customers and identifies those with higher potential; it can also be used in reverse, in customer retention, to identify customers with a higher probability of leaving.

  • Needs

    Identifies any kind of users financial needs (financing, investing or insurance).
    Once the needs are identified, all the opportune best actions can be activated.

  • Product

    Automatically identifies which needs and goals are satisfied by financial and insurance products, cataloging them in a perfectly functional way to a customer-centric logic.

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Asset under management increase thanks to the Future Potential Index®

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