LifeCycle Portfolio Builder

An innovative and dynamic portfolio construction tool with a holistic approach to financial wellness.
The LifeCycle Portfolio Builder software finds the Next Best Financial Product that optimizes people’s economic and financial wellness.

The Engine® looks for the proper individual assets-liabilities allocation of protection, investment and financing products that minimize risks.

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Personalized advise

Personalize the advise on the whole portfolio of assets, implemented with standard products.

Investment check-up

Provide a real investment check-up

Simulation tools

Engaging customer with simulation tools

Robo-advisory solution

Build smart and data-driven robo-advisory solution

How it works

  • Simulation

    It simulates with Monte Carlo method possible scenarios for trend of investments (starting from the simulation of the underlying risk factors); trend of loans; events related to the personal sphere (ie. health, family, work).

  • Verification

    It verifies in the various scenarios the behavior of different combinations of financial and insurance products that satisfy the needs and objectives of the client. The module is MIFID and IDD compliant.

  • Identify

    It identifies the mix that minimizes the risks of loss using a choice of combinable metrics (expected loss, shortfall probability, MDD) and maximizes the probability of financing insurance coverage with investment income.

  • Best Product Mix

    The best product mix is suggested as a next best action to the relationship manager.
    It's not a stuck strategy.
    Over time, the strategy rebalances based on trigger events every decided period of time.