Virtual B Digital

Finance and insurance, unlike many other sectors in which the visual element is the pivot of content strategy, cannot rely on the appeal of their product when it comes to advertising it. Our approach allows brands to bring people closer to products through storytelling focused on needs.

Datas are the perimeter of our storytelling. In fact, by using our proprietary process we are able to profile users, thus defining appropriate content paths for everyone’s needs and providing an experience tailored to their real needs.

Virtual B’s digital unit is specialized in content and CRM strategy for financial sector: creation and management of branded content strategies for digital presence or lead generation projects.

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In target check

Segmentation based on first party data and use of exclusive data partners

Data power

Identify users through Machine Learning and BI to select top prospects


Algorithm that allows you to define leads based on interests and needs

Custom delivery

Delivery customization. The right content to the right person

Content journey

Lead nurturing with relevant content on all touch points

Lead verification

Double-check on the real intentions of user through engagement actions

Our digital skills

  • Content

    Definition of content paths and strategies related to needs. Contents for both the sales network (conversation starters) and the end user (infographics and articles) with a storytelling linked to the needs of the end user

  • CRM

    Thanks to a deep knowledge of the marketing modules of the main CRMs active on the market, we are able to expand the mid-funnel opportunity by creating structured nurturing paths tailored to the real needs of the user

  • Engagement

    Customer engagement must take place continuously and consistently on the various channels available.
    We specialize in digital engagement tools such as: quizzes, widgets, simulations and questionnaires

  • Communication

    Defining the personas object of our message and understanding the right channels to activate are our focus.
    We work with many media centers to deliver qualified impressions to increase conversion