Virtual B and Fintech District: the first workshop dedicated to financial data science

We know this very well by now: nowadays, technologies related to Artificial Intelligence are being put into practice almost everywhere, but what many people may do not know is how those innovative technologies can be applied within the financial sector. A “traditional” world that struggles to innovate itself, but that needs these new tools to survive and compete in today’s market.

And this is precisely the main subject of our Financial Data Science Camp starting this January: the first workshop in italian on data science for fintech focused on financial and insurance businesses, organized by Virtual B and promoted in collaboration with Fintech District Milano.

The goal? Providing an overview of Artificial Intelligence tools suitable for the operational use of data and data science in the financial and insurance world in order to really put the customer at the centre of the business, thus optimizing the process of financial-insurance consulting.

The workshop aims not only to introduce data science concepts and methodologies to the wealth management world, but also to increase their distributors/agents’ productivity, defining new ways of personal involvement of customers and customizing the relationship with clients through the right communication channel.


5 modules to optimize the process of financial-insurance consulting

The Financial Data Science Camp consists of 5 theoretical/practical modules of about 2 hours each, with concrete business cases and workshops happening on a monthly basis. It will start in January.

During our Camp we will show both strengths and weaknesses of these new methodologies by assessing the phases, times, risks, opportunities and costs that a company that incorporates AI/Machine Learning has to deal with.

Nonetheless, we will show new ways of engaging customers, through the right digital campaigns. The aim? Making your marketing efforts more effective and efficient.


Data Science Camp: serving the financial sector

The 5 main topics that will be addressed during our Financial Data Science Camp will provide a theoretical and practical knowledge that aims to help companies in the financial and insurance sector to become truly “data-driven”.

Want to know more? Check out the program and sign up for the workshop at this link.

Stay tuned!