Virtual B

Virtual B is a pioneer of Fintech in Italy. The company was founded in 2010 by an experienced team with a strong background in the financial industry. In 2011 the company launched AdviseOnly, the first robo-advisor in Europe. Today Virtual B is a fintech company providing analytics and digital solutions for wealth management with a strong focus on innovation and disruptive technologies. Our solutions range from robo-advisory platforms in white label to innovative data driven software that helps financial companies to enhance productivity and increase revenues.

Meet the team

serena torielli

Serena Torielli

Chief Executive Officer - Co-Founder

rafaelle zenti

Raffaele Zenti

Head of Finance & Data Science - Co-Founder

fabio marras

Fabio Marras

Co-Founder & Head of Digital Strategies

michele rota biasetti

Michele Rota Biasetti

Chief Technology Officer

jacopo caretta mussa

Jacopo Caretta Mussa

Chief Operating Officer

filippo oliviero

Filippo Oliviero

Digital & Marketing Manager

daniele d'avino

Daniele D'Avino

Business Analyst

jessica samà

Jessica Samà

Content Manager

diana bin

Diana Bin

Content Manager

maria paulucci

Maria Paulucci

Content Manager

ragini gupta

Ragini Gupta

Web designer UI/UX

silvia armanini

Silvia Armanini