Fintech Solutions

We deployed the first European robo-advisor in 2011

We build ready-to-go data driven platforms for financial companies.

Data Analytics

SideKYC® is an advanced data analytics software that serves various business functions through the use of data science and business intelligence. Our software can analyse both structured and unstructured data, respecting the conditions of anonymity and security of the data. The software is organized in 4 modules that use different features.
  • Sales & marketing
  • Product gov. & compliance
  • Management
  • Advisor


Maybe one day AI will completely replace financial advisors, we don’t know. What we know today, is that financial advisors need technology to improve customer experience. We have developed a robo4advisor solution that helps financial advisors throughout the entire wealth management process: client acquisition, portfolio construction and digital reporting.


Modern investment solutions need to be lean and empowering, UX must be designed with a customer-centric approach, to optimize customer experience. Virtual B has been offering digital investment solutions to retail clients since 2011, providing white-label platforms for automated advice and investment management solutions.