Actionable Analytics and
Personalization in Finance

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Hyper Personalization

Starting from anonymous data, we can hyper personalize the service to the single customer

Entire customer journey

Our skills can cover the entire customer journey, from Lead Generation to a Personalized Financial and Insurance Solution

Fully compliant

Our process is compliant with the EU legislation on data protection and privacy, one of the most restrictive in the world

Bayesian Machine Learning

A Bayesian approach incorporates business knowledge and practices increasing effectiveness and delivering more reliable results

We hyper personalize financial and insurance products for end customers

We are a data analytics company with cross skills in machine learning, AI and digital marketing for banks and insurance companies.

We help banks and insurance companies to hyper personalizes financial product offerings for end customers and we create unique metrics for credit risk.

From Lead generation for Prospects...

By using behavioral science tools and data enrichment, we can engage and profile prospects according to their interests and needs and convert them into clients
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Initial Engagement

Quiz, gaming and our behavioral profiling: this is the starting point to collect new and important leads to your business

Data Enrichment

Starting from few data we are able to build a whole profile. This profile includes: needs, goals and financial DNA of prospects

... to Personalization for Customers

We can profile and cluster existing clients in a multidimensional and modern way and provide any of them with the solution and type of communication that maximize the individual Financial Wellness
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Needs Mapping

Our algorithms allow you to determine what are your customers’ real needs and goals

Behavioural Profiling

How to make customers aware of their needs? We can help you on that thanks to our behavioral profiling system

Financial Wellness

We are able to calculate your client’s level of financial well-being and we can help you on maximizing it

Personalized Solution & Content

We design and build the optimal solution for the customer, using your financial products, and we help you to communicate it in the best way

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